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Here is a sampling of  the testimonials that have been given to Adolphina from students taking YATUVAY Classes.


     The first miracle i witnessed was in your class when one of your students had a large mass on her back. Adolphina worked on it and it started to shrink more and more every time we saw her... This mass she said she had for a very long time..and no doctor could get rid of and it disappeared shortly thereafter. Simply amazing ....
     The 2nd one was my cat, Ruffian, I had been in the midst of brushing him and he went into some sort of seizure. I frantically called Adolphina up and she worked on him long distance.... He never had another seizure again ever after that.
      The true life saving miracle was when my brother's appendix ruptured in April of last year... They did not expect him to live. His blood had turned toxic and shut his kidneys down, He actually had to be resusitated 2 times...
     Adolphina worked on him every day and told me what I needed to do to assist.. She told me when his kidneys would turn around, and when he would be off dialysis. As sure as I am typing this that is exactly what happened. The doctors all said it was a true miracle and it truly was. ...as he was not expected to survive....
     So if you have any doubts in your heart of hearts whether this works or not... I am hear to tell you I witnessed 3 miracles.....and I swear on everything that is Holy and Sacred to me that this is the truth.
Victoria A
Ft. Lauderdale, fl
     In 1993 I was terribly injured in a car accident and BRAIN-INJURED! In 2007 I went to the New Life Expo in Ft. Lauderdale and met Adolphina. My Aura Photograph was AMAZING that was done that day! All purple and you could see my Angels!

     Then Adolphina proceeded to heal my brain injury!!! It has made such a difference in my life. Afterward, I was able to return to my profession of nursing. Thank you, Adolphina, from the bottom of my heart.

Kathy Y - Ft. Lauderdale

Your attunements are powerful, my friend!!! Jesus the other day, Mother Mary this time, this is simply A-MA-ZING!!!! Her smell is so specific.... I don't know how to explain it. I am so honored. I enjoy everything in your workshop, but I LOVE the attunements. I like how you explain complex stuff in an such an easy way. You relate extremely well to your students. You are a natural. Your classes are fun and informative. In other words, you are good! :-)))

Love, Patricia


     YATUVAY has changed my way of thinking, and my life. It is a healing tool for the mind, body and soul. It has brought me greater peace in my life.  My body feels stronger, more alive, my mind is clear of the clutter and the DYSFUNCTION of past crisis's. No more am I consumed by the me, me, oh poor me, way of thinking.  My outlook is positive. I care about the Earth, the people, the animals. I want to help and heal humanity.

     I feel I have a mission and I am needed for that mission, and I look upon it as an honor.   

     Many good things have come into my life, since I have started the YATUVAY Classes. I look foward to these classes so much I can't wait until the next one, I don't want them to end. Do yourself a favor and come and learn these healing modalities and it will change your life, it did mine!

Blessings, Vicky


What a terrific class. During the attunement I saw Jesus Christ and Mother Mary working with us. I also saw my KUNDILINI RISE UP ALL THE WAY.  All in all a terrific class.

Namaste, Denise


I love the YATUVAY classes especially the attunements.  The channeling and the aura photos were UNREAL! I can't wait for the STRIKING and the REBIRTH!

Love, Marilyn


 I really enjoyed your class. I learned so much. You are an excellent teacher! I noticed I have more energy and feel much more positive about things since taking the classes.

Thank You, Thank you!!