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Going Beyond The Physical


Adolphina wondered frantically where her guides could be as the demonic entities closed in on her.  She could feel their razon-sharp frequencies piercing her shield.  If she didn't get help soon, she would be killed by these attacks.  Their frequency had the power to electrocute her, shut down her chakras and cut her meridians, which probably would cause her to have a heart attack.  If they were successful in cutting her meridians, she would not be able to receive the energy necessary for her body to live on.  "Help me"! "Help me Father"! she cries.  Why has thou abandoned me to these of the dark side?" To these miserable energy-sucking frequency-throwing demons that were testing her to the limits of her faith. 

Their mission was to kill her so that she could not go forward to fulfill her destiney to assist Souls mired in the darkness--to go where thoughts are as black as coal and show them how to turn to the Light instead.  This is how the dark side was winning the war between the good guys and the bad guys on Earth--using the gray entities that can be controlled by either the drk or the light forces for good or bad.  But those of the Light do not untilize these creatures that seem intent on creating suicides, murders and chaos.  With hundreds of people saying that they hear voices telling them to kill and maim, creating mayhem.  The world does not seem to understand that is why, in part, senseless murders are taking place everywhere and chaos is increasing.  Especially 9/11 and the resulting terror-filled atrocities being commietted daily.  Children who plan massacres to kill their classmates for some assumed slight.  And such gruesome murders as husbands killing their own pregnant wives. 

Adolphina realized at once that she was on her own and must do something to rid these demonic entities before they got rid of her.  She suddenly remembers the swirling vortex on the third floor where sixty mini-vortexes were being swept into one to be taken out of the house.  Sixty mini-vortexes she had unintentionally created by Feng Shui activators that connected her to other dimensions.  She wanted them out of the house, as dark spirits were coming though and deviling her and sucking the life force out of she and her husband. These vortexes were being swept into one that was now dangerous.  Like a tornado.  This vortex that she had been warned to say away from by her guides and that each time she got too close, the chest pains would start.  This, however, might be her only chance for success. She had to take the chance. It was them or her.  She ran through the house and raced up the stairs to the third floor to the swirling vortex that looked and felt like a tornado, seeking for a way to send these entities back to Hell where they belonged. 

The entities too would be afraid of the vortex, knowing it could sweep them out of this dimension.  This was her only hope, she thought, to lure the entities seeking to kill her into the vortex.  As she climbed the stairs highter and higher, the chest pains started.  If this battle didn't kill her, a heart attack might.  The closer she got to the vortex the more she could fell the strength of the vortex pulling her to itself.  A dimension not of her choosing as she was not ready to die just yet.  She had plans, big plans yet to fulfull, she though, as she was clutching her chest as the chest pains intensified. 

The demonics following and getting closer by the second.  Ugly they were with huge round bodies the color of muddy gray, with menacing twitches of electricity swirling around them.  With their energetic frequencies, they were intentionally electrocuting her.  Adolphina inching closer and closer to the swirling vortex, knowing her density was heavier and thicker than that of these entities who did not have solid earth bodies.  They could be swept, pushed and pulled into the vortex to the higher realms if she could just hold her ground, where the warriors of mighty Archangel Michael would deal with them.

It was either do or die now.  With adrenaline racing through her body and the superhuman strength rushing forth, she knew she had to rely only on herself as her guides were missing in action.  She must use her own God-given frequencies to cast the dark entities into the vortex.  Instinct took over now in her in activating these frequencies and bellowing out commands to direct the universal forces to assist her with these entities. 

Sending out her own powerful frequencies of the Light to abolish these entities.  Commanding the unviersal forces to work in tandem with her.  Shouting out, "I address the Father, Oh' Holy Father.  Hallowed by Thy Name....

continued in prologue....

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