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The Sacred Seven Seals


Adolphina Shephard is a modern day mystic, author and Master Spiritual Teacher/Healer through the Grace of God who works with The Holy Trinity through the risen power of the kundalini as a conduit. She transmits this energy pure Source to Source. Healing has occurred simply by being in her presence or by voice activation or vibration. She is a popular gifted speaker on the unknown mysteries, higher realities and higher wisdom.

One of the many secrets that have been revealed to her is how to open the Seven Sacred Seals. Many years ago Adolphina was charged by The Lord Jesus Christ with correcting the mistakes in the Bible. Adolphina was quite taken aback to be given this task as she is certainly not a theologian nor a biblical scholar. She did not feel up to this enormous task although she has read the Bible front to back and asked the Lord how could this be? Adolphina was told she would “be shown and would just know.” One thing for certain that Adolphina has learned is that it is imperative for her to follow the lead of whatever The Lord God puts before her to do.

So far what she has found is that it is not so much of a “correction” but more of an “explaining” of the understanding given to her of what some of the underlying meaning is to things that have been spoken about in the Bible but not clearly understood or perhaps misunderstood. One example would be the Seven Sacred Seals.

For instance, most people have heard of the Seven Sacred Seals to be opened in the last days. That the Sacred Seals would not be opened till the end of times. This is because mankind’s consciousness was not ready for the awakening or enlightenment that this would bring. No doubt each one of you reading this have been feeling more intuitive than before or just “knowing” things were going to happen or form out a certain way. This is the beginning of the opening of the Seven Seals. When the Seven Sacred Seals are opened completely what they will bring is enlightenment and higher knowledge.

This is because the Sacred Seven Seals are in Christian thought or Bible speak what Eastern mystics would consider the Seven Chakra System. This opening of the Seven Sacred Seals is part and parcel of the rising of the kundalini. If you have read Adolphina’s previous newsletter on the “Rising of the Kundalini”, you will understand that it is quite possible to open your own Seven Sacred Seals given the right technique, knowledge and frequency.

Through the new TV Show "God's Way-YTVY" and the Faith Healing of the Modality of YATUVAY you will learn the scientific formula that Jesus The Christ knew in how to create “the Light” from the inside out. YATUVAY works on a variety of levels but the most important level is that of working with “The Power of One”. What this means is that you are working with the God force. You will feel the Light of God come alive in you body down to your very cellular structure.

You will learn step-by-step the energetic science that activates your Sacred Seals or Chakras. As YATUVAY Faith Healing continues it will soon activate brain cells which allow the brain to hold more light. Thereby, activating the remaining 90% of your brain cells that lay dormant little by little. It is well known by scientists that humans only use roughly 10% of their brain cells. Part of what the brain activation and expansion does is allow you to communicate more closely in communion with our Godhead, our Creator. Especially in meditation as prayer is “speaking to God” and “meditation is listening to God”

In Christian thought as the Bride meets the Bridegroom or in Eastern mysticism when the kundalini is risen, you will not only achieve ascension, you will be able to abandon the Wheel of Karma! Halleluiah! The rising of the kundalini moves in an upward evolutionary spiral through your Seven Sacred Seals as you begin treading the path homeward. Homeward to the rise of your consciousness to higher dimensions, higher thought. Homeward to the presence of your Over soul which eagerly awaits you and the ability to reconnect with our Creator.

The marriage of the Bridge and the Bridegroom or the Rising of The Kundalini is the missing piece and the longing that you feel in your Soul as you search for whatever you feel is missing in your life. The way home is through the new Television Show "God's Way YTVY" which has been prepared as a vehicle for you in the ascension process into  the "Golden Age" which we entered on Dec. 21, 2012 leading us to the 1,000 years of peace as promised by God. In the process achieving enlightenment and complete and utter wellness on all levels of being.

Adolphina along with her Co-host, Thomas Knight Templar, had the debut on June 28, 2012 of God's Way - YTVY Ttelevision Show. You may also want to follow along with the show by getting the  Adolphina's book called: “YATUVAY ~ The Manual” “How To Perform Miraculous Healing Through Energy Medicine”. Her book will teach you how to repair your Spiritual Body through a combination of the lost science of correct prayer, faith and Energy through the Power of One source, our creator, God.



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*Channeled, created, written, published and copyrighted with love by Adolphina Shephard. You may feel free to share this newsletter as long as proper credit line is given and as long as the entire article is shared. Should you feel the need to shorten my work for inclusion in newsletters, news articles or for word count, please email Adolphina for permission.





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