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Adolphina... "You came out of the womb as a "wide open prophetess/seer/oracle."                                                                                  Reverend Jayne Feldman


 There is only one religion

  The religion of Love

  There is only one caste

   The caste of Humanity

 There is only one race

   The human Race 

   Sri Sathya Sai Baba


Adolphina Shephard is an Intuitive, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, Etheric Surgeon, Researcher and Pioneer, and a gifted Metaphysician, who teaches a vast variety of techniques of Energy Medicine through the Modality of YATUVAY. She has helped many achieve wellness who had no hope left of regaining their health or experiencing happiness once again. She works with and is a conduit for The Holy Trinity in service to God.

Her interest in Energy Medicine occurred as a result of being in a car accident leaving her with disabilities that traditional medicine could not remedy. Having no desire to remain disabled, with a strong desire to be well again, led her on an amazing journey of self-healing and discovery. Thus, Adolphina underwent many Complimentary and Alternative Holistic Therapies and learned a great deal about different forms of Energy Medicine in her quest to be whole again.

This self-healing journey piqued her interest in Energy Medicine and led Adolphina to study various forms of Energy Medicine such as Laying-On-Of-The-Hands on a Christian Basis, Frequency Balancing, and on a much larger energetic basis, Feng Shui. Furthermore, taking and analyzing hundreds of Aura Photographs enhanced her knowledge of The Electromagnetic Body since Aura Photographs are an X-Ray of the Electromagnetic Body.

A decade ago the Ascended Master and Lord Jesus Christ began working intensely with Adolphina through and with the Holy Spirit and the I AM THAT I AM to teach her holy mysteries to assist in the healing and ascension of the human race. She underwent many initiations, fiery trials and tests before being allowed to release and teach these methods to mankind. She continues to receive ongoing training, healing and initiatory upgrades.

Eventually, her knowledge and understanding of the Electromagnetic Body led to the development of YATUVAY, a modality of more than forty-two different techniques that work by the principle of “The Power Of One”. Adolphina’s extensive worldwide travels, studies and a lifetime of alternative free thinking augment her personal understanding of the material she channels. Adolphina resides in Southern New Jersey with her husband of 32 years, Steve. She lectures extensively around the country at various conferences, seminars and expos and is now in her 4th Season of her own Television Series "God's Way YTVY" out of Staten Island, NY.




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