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Welcome to Adolphina Shephards' website where you will find the energies and Modality of YATUVAY (YTVY) formerly called Ascension Healing. This is a place for awakening on all levels of being. It is where you will find the fabulous book called

  "YATUVAY ~ The Manual - How To Perform Miraculous Healing Through Energy Medicine"

here by looking to the tabs on the left-hand side.This book, YATUVAY-The Manual (YTVY), is where you can learn to transform yourself into who you really are on a Soul Level through the transformation of your Electromagnetic Body or The Human Energy System, which encompasses all levels of being, on a physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental basis by repairing your base Spiritual Body, Electromagnetic Body, Bio-Field, Quantum Field, or Aura. You will be able to easily repair your Base Electromagnectic Body in preparation for "The Golden Age", which is the 1,000 years of peace as promised by God occuring at this moment  by following the instructions in in her book called,  

                                 "YATUVAY ~ The manual

          "How to Perform Miraculous Healing Through Energy Medicine". 


It is a place where you can now see her new TV Show which is called

                                    "God's Way-YTVY".


Both the book and the TV Show is a powerful program, which is a road map to preparing you for the Golden Age which we are currently in. The "Shift of The Ages" started in earnest on Dec. 21st., 2012. By following along with the Television Show "God's Way-YTVY" monthly you will find miraculous healing on all levels of being that occur through the TV Show and the book, YATUVAY by learning higher truths, the raising of your consciousness, the release of negative energetics, the repair of Electromanetic Body or The Aura, and the building of The Spiritual Body.

It is also for those who are stressed out, overwhelmed with anxiety and searching for the answers. You are not sure what  the next step but know that something is missing in your life that you have been searching for. This television show may be what you have been searching for to make your way back to the knowledge of your higher self. This program is where you will learn how to be your own hero as we are the ones we have been waiting for to rescue us from these uncertain stressful times. 

You will easily become your own hero by following the program, which will teach you how you can assist yourself, your loved ones and your friends in the tradition of Evolutionary Christian Spirituality in the manner of the Ancient Mystery Schools while maintaining a Christain Basis. You will find elements from afar from the East to the West also that are non-denonmination based.  You will learn all of this though home study and watching the Televion Show "God's Way-YTVY" on how to heal the four bodies and all of its sub-systems as explained in YATUVAY ~ The Manual.

The advanced techniques of YATUVAY will repair and upgrade your cellular DNA, repair damaged esoteric body parts, remove blockages, negative programming and recharge the body which as a secondary result brings healing to us in the physical or natural. In addition to the book and the healing modality of YATUVAY (YTVY)  offered through both the book and the Television Show "God's Way-YTVY, you will find the studies a unique pilgrimage in your own journey of remembering who we really are and that is a soul/spirit having a human experience.

We want to thank you for choosing to experience these energies brought forth by (WE) Adolphina Shephard and the Company of Heaven who have chosen to work with Adolphina through YATUVAY (YTVY) in co-creation with The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost. Along with other Holy beings such as Enoch, Melchezidec, The Holy Priest of God and the King of Salem, Archangel Metatron, Lord Buddha, Jesus The Christ and Mary Magdalene. As well as many other Holy Beings such as Archangels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Sentries and The Council of God.


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It has taken great dedication to bring YATUVAY (YTVY) Energies to Earth. Prior to being able to bring them forth, Adolphina had to undergo many fiery trials, tests, initiations and much healing on all levels of being.  This was a requirement before Adolphina was allowed to bring these methods to Earth through us to teach and release them to assist mankind. Adolphina continues to receive on going healing and initiatory upgrades through The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.

The primary focus of Adolphina’s work is to bring awareness, and healing to God’s people as they walk this journey called life to enlightenment.  You will learn how you too can assist with the recreation of “The New Golden Age" that officially started December 21st, 2012. Then onward to ascension in consciousness and the ability to easily walk across the bridge into the 5th dimension, perhaps even higher as you go along. There you will find PEACE, LOVE, and ease of living not just surviving but THRIVING!

Her unique talent is the ability to access these healing energies as a conduit for these Holy Energies to assist with the healing of the human race. Healing also occurrs simply by voice and intention in her lectures, sessions or seminars, and now her NEW TV SHOW which is called "God's Way-YTVY'. You can watch it in New York monthly and after it's run its episodes you can catch it on You Tube or on this website or directly on YouTube. We highly encourage you to watch it to receive the energeries brought forth from this show. Each time you watch it and follow along with the Prayer Petitions you will receive healing from God..

Other talents include having the Gifts of the Spirit of The Prophetic Mantel, Spiritual Body or the Electromagnectic Body which allows her to bring forth these energies. None of these aspects could have been possible without the assistance of the Holy Company of Heaven.

She has successfully integrated all that she has learned, and brings these energies forth in her seminars, lectures, books, and now on her TV Show. One takes a huge leap in awareness leading to enlightenment from these episodes through the integration of the intiations and attunements or as Edgar Casey called them, at-one-ments, and the repair, balancing, building and upgrading of the Electromagnetic Body or The Spiritual Body.

You may order her prior book, Living With Spirit - Going Beyond The Physical through this website as well as her latest release book, YATUVAY, either by telephone number or link to Authorhouse.com. See tab for "Living With Spirit". " You may also want to read "2012-Creating Your Own Shift" & "2012-The Sacred Shift" written in tandem with 36 other top spiritual leaders. You might think of this book as "Updated Prophecies For The Shift of The Ages where you will find that the prophecies of old are outdated material.

Should you like to request Adolphina speak at your church or other arena, please email with any specific  requests.

Feel free to roam the website and we recommend watching the Television Show "God's Way-YTVY by clicking on the link to the left. Or by reading the excerpt from Adolphinas’ book called YATUVAY ~ The Manual - How To Perform Miraculous Healing Through Enery Medicine. We hope that you enjoy experiencing the energies of YATUVAY while viewing this website.

Shine Your Light Before Men,


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