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Exploring the Mysteries of the Spirit World

New Book Opens Readers’ Eyes to Entities that Co-Exist with Humans and Impact Their Lives

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. – Many believe that the power of God and the presence of guardian angels guide them through times of trouble. In her new book, Living With Spirit: Going Beyond The Physical (now available through AuthorHouse), Adolphina Shephard tells how a journey through hardship brought her and her husband into close contact with the spiritual realm, and she shares their understanding of the mysteries revealed to them.

“Get prepared for the most eye-opening, shocking revelations of the mysterious ways of ‘Spirit,’” Shephard writes. “Living With Spirit is a union of the physical and spiritual worlds of the unknown.” The book offers a learning experience to all, introducing realms of invisible angels, spirit guides and other entities that exist to help people through their daily lives. It tells of a journey of faith that opened Shephard’s eyes to divine wonders. Living With Spirit begins with a joyful poem, “Dancing in My Spirit,” which sets the tone for the inspiring message of the book. From there, Shephard explains what she has learned from otherworldly beings. She shares her revelation that humans are incarnated to play “the Great Games on Earth” and that guardian angels are always present to offer guidance in a myriad of ways. She also includes a photograph of “an actual guardian angel,” as well as drawings to further bring them to light for readers.

Far from an easy lesson, Shephard’s awakening came at a price, and she invites readers to explore the darkness that ultimately led her to the greatest realization she has ever experienced. She details her climb out of the “burning hole” and how she and her husband, Marc Anthony, embraced their mission to teach the mysteries to others. In addition, she illustrates how readers can heal themselves by being aware of six different components to the body.

“You, by reading this book, are about to embark on the most awestruck journey into ‘Living with Spirit,’” Shephard writes. “You will have your faith restored and never have to fear death again through the unknown because you will know that there is more. Remember how good it felt to feel like singing and dancing in your spirit? You can feel that way again by learning the mysteries in this book.”

Shephard writes that she has been able to see the human aura since she was a child – an ability that led her to further study this phenomenon and become an aura photographer. Previously a successful corporate career woman, she embarked on a new path after a car accident sparked her desire to become a spiritual seeker, educator and healer. “It is time for us to know that we are spirits having a human experience rather than humans having a spiritual experience,” she writes. Living With Spirit is the first book in a series of ten books.


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