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      When Adolphina Shephard was rushed and admitted to the hospital with an apparent heart attack, she was able to use her knowledge of Energy Medicine to circumvent an actual heart attack.  The doctors were baffled as to what had transpired after running all of the coventional tests which turned out to be negative, as it was apparent she was in the throes of a heart attack". They wondered, "what has happened here". Thus is the power of Energy Medicine.

     Shortly, after this close brush with death, Adolphina experienced a major spiritual awakening when she received an urgent  telephone message from her doctor who wanted to see her the next day.  Her doctor not only wanted to see her to see how she was faring physically, but also had a urgent message that she had received from The Holy Spirit that said, "that this close brush with death was a lesson to show her that she was not on her path." "That she knew she had a contract with the Lord God to write a book and had not followed through."  YATUVAY ~ The Manual" is a result of that lesson.

      At this precise moment in time it was urgent that she start on her path which involves, in part, writing and teaching about Energy Medicine because there weren't many years left until the precipitous of December 21st, 2012 and the shift. As YATUVAY is a GIFT given to mankind by the Divine so that all beings are given the necessry tools for ascension to take place.  So that you can easily make the shift to the higher dimensions with step-by-step instructions.  This is a major part of why she incarnated this time around. That is to teach how to not only create miraculous wellness but to prepare mankind for making the shift successfully with as little trauma as possible.

    You will find that YATUVAY is also a "vehicle for enlightenment" that takes you through a spiritual journey transcending the fabric of time and space while repairing and growing the Electromagnetic Body resulting in the "rising of the kundalini and awakening of the higher chakras." Through this process your body will be prepared for the mass ascension in 2012 by transforming your carbon-based 3th dimensional body into a crystalline-based 5th dimension body at the instant that it is required.

     In the last five months of 2012, it is expected that there will be eighteen major solar shifts, thirteen of them on the very last day of what the Mayans call "The Age of Movement." That date is December 21st, 2012.  Are you ready for 2012?

    Chapter I ~ Changing The Very Face of Medicine

The reason that this book will change the face of medicine is because, the root cause of all illness exists in the Spiritual Bodies of man, not in the Physical Body. The challenges with the Physical Body are a consequence of what is occurring in the Spiritual Bodies. Therefore, in order for permanent healing to take place, the root cause in the Spiritual Bodies must be resolved. There are four main Spiritual Bodies in the human body, with many sub-systems, that exist to create the whole. The four main Spiritual Bodies are, The Electromagnetic Body, The Mental Body, The Emotional Body, and The Physical Body. Do you remember a Bible verse, which is quoted from the New American Standard Bible that reads?
For even as the body is one, and yet has many members, and all the members of the body, though they are many, are one body, so also is Christ.                         Corinthians I:12:
This verse is a very true statement! In traditional medicine, the focus is on the Physical Body, but that is not where the root cause exists! Unfortunately, the Physical Body receives all of the miscreations that are created by the other Spiritual Bodies. Once we change the focus of where we are looking for the root cause to the Spiritual Bodies and fix them, much illness will be easily eliminated. In the East, traditional medicine covers the body, mind, and the spirit. This is somewhat better. However, still missing is the Electromagnetic Body, and all of its many sub-systems, that work together to form a cohesive whole, with the main bodies of the Mental, Emotional and Physical. We will cover sub-system’s further in Chapter 4.
There are a small percentage of people worldwide, who are called Light Workers, because they work with the Light or energy. I call these Light Workers, Energy Medicine Practitioners. This group of people is aware that the Electromagnetic Body exists as a consequence of working with energy. It is unfortunate that few know about the Electromagnetic Body other than Light Workers, because it is the Electromagnetic Body, which feeds the Physical Body the very energy for life itself. There is also the Mental Body, which creates our thoughts and consciousness. There is the Emotional Body, which fans the flames and is responsible for whatever the Mental Body has thought up or vice versa.
Further, we have many sub-systems that I will go into later, which include the Psychic Body, which tells us intuitively, when to do something or not to do something. In order to thrive instead of just survive; we must treat all of the bodies. You may wonder why I am at all concerned about the Psychic Body. The reason is that if the Psychic Body were fully working, then intuitively, we would know that wearing an electrical appliance on our belt next to our liver, colon, brain or ear all day, might disrupt our body’s energy. This can cause all sorts of challenges, from potential brain tumors to colon or liver cancer.
Another reason is that for the average person, who is curious about Energy Medicine, I will teach them, a basic system, so that they do not have to participate in the so-called death economy. This is where a person who is ill, runs from one doctor to another, taking test after test, or taking five, ten or fifteen different medicines, which is simply treating the symptom instead of fixing the root cause until death occurs. This is why it is referred to as the death economy. The death economy is a trillion dollar industry where many people make their living off of you being sick. However, by you becoming informed by reading this book, can take charge of your own health. I will teach you how, through the natural method of healing through Energy Medicine without pain, pills or physical surgery.
We all know of someone who has never found a resolution for his or her illness, or why he or she feels so bad. This is because the resolution is in the Electromagnetic Body, not in the Physical Body. You will learn why a sick Electromagnetic Body is the root cause of many, if not most, illness that exists, and how Energy Medicine is not only curative, but also preventative medicine. Would you like to be as healthy as you possibly can be without drugs, needles or surgery? Would you like to restore your health? If so, this book is for you.
For the established Energy Medicine Practitioner, this book will be very helpful because it will allow you to formulate a cohesive plan to bring your clients back to wellness. The challenge that most Energy Medicine Practitioners run up against, is that they have learned different techniques piecemeal, and cannot see how to put all the pieces together to perform a cohesive miraculous healing. However, by utilizing this book, you will find it very easy to put all of the pieces together and this challenge will be resolved. In Chapter 7-The Manual, you will find that it weaves together all of the energetic techniques necessary to form a complete picture for the healing of the Electromagnetic Body. Additionally, this book is a vehicle, where you will experience the expansion of your own consciousness, leading to enlightenment.
 In this book, I will show you how Energy Medicine is the first step that you will take before making any serious medical decisions, such as surgery. You will see that you have the potential to go off medications, and restore good health for even chronic illnesses such as diabetes, chronic fatigue, asthma, thyroid problems, heart challenges, arteriosclerosis, liver and kidney problems, etc. Even cosmetic surgery for face-lifts, eyebrow lifts, jowl and neck lifts can be achieved with Energy Medicine.
I will teach you how Energy Medicine will cause you to thrive, instead of just survive, and how you can restore your health. Thereby, your joy, because without your health, you having nothing. With Energy Medicine, you will learn how to find the root cause of an illness, and how to correct it, so that health can be restored. Your very perception of how your body works will be forever changed. I will teach you how your thought processes affect your physical health. You will see how radionics, accidents, electromagnetic frequencies, and especially your negative thought processes are responsible for ill health.
I will teach you how to lose the victim consciousness, which is an attitude that says, everything happens to poor me, translating into bad health. I will then go on to show you how to repair and build your Electromagnetic Body. In Chapter 7, you will find The Manual, which will show you a list of common illnesses, and the necessary techniques, along with practical suggestions, that are necessary to perform, miraculous healing through Energy Medicine. You will be able to simply look up a common illness in The Manual, find the probable cause and what is needed to restore wellness. Lastly, you will be shown what steps to take to experience continual wellness for yourself and others.
Additionally, according to the Philadelphia Inquirers Parade Magazine, dated October 19, 2008, it was reported, that by 2013, it is projected that there will be a shortage of over 60,000 doctors in the United States. I believe that this projected shortage will lead many people to Energy Medicine or in Adolphina's case "faith healing"!In order to encourage you to order YATUVAY right away, for a limited time only, the first 50 people to order YATUVAY ~ The Manual" will receive as a FREE GIFT, Adolphina's book,

              "Living With Spirit ~Going Beyond The Physical"

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