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Questions & Answers
about YATUVAY previously called Ascension Healing


“Each of you should know how to possess his own vessel in sanctification and honor”

                                                                                                                      Thessalonians 4:4

In nature there is a energetic force that flows through all living things which is supplied by God. This energetic force creates our life force too. Some call it chi or qui but the only thing missing at death is this energetic force.

YATUVAY is a natural healing technique that utilizes laying-on-of the-hands and other energy transference methods to transfer Holy Divine Light which is the Energy of God. I have heard God referred to as a higher power, YWYH, Allah, The Great Spirit, Prime Creator, The Source, The “I am that I am” Presence, The Great Central Sun and a whole slew of other names but I call him God, Father or YATUVAY. I believe that no matter what religion you are practicing, that there is only one God with different names.

The Practitioner acts as a conduit from the Heavenlies for this energy to flow to you. This method has been lost to humankind or held secret since the death of Jesus Christ. This method has been revealed to Adolphina Shephard to assist humankind in their healing process. As such it is the highest frequency available to mankind at this time. YATUVAY heals by regenerating and restoring the body through the electromagnetic waves supplied by the Light of the Holy Divine without pills or surgery.

According to book “The Oracle of Kabbalah” a 13th center kabbalistic text, “Sefer HaTemunah” (The Book of the Image) teaches that one letter is missing from the Hebrew Alphabet and that every defect in our present world stems from the absence of this letter. When this letter is revealed, then all of the defects will disappear and it will create new words, new worlds. Finally all will be complete. A Talmudic legend tells that this 23rd Letter appeared on the original set of tablets upon which the ten commandments were inscribed. When the tablets were broken all letters flew off the tablets and ascended to Heaven. The other letters eventually returned but the 23rd Letter had vanished from this world.

When the Missing Letter appears, the world will be balanced once again. Then, the letter of the mothers, lost for so long, will combine with all of the others letters to create a universe of harmony and peace. This will be the “Messianic Age” and will be marked by the harmonious blending of the masculine and the feminine. Then, the Skekhinah, the feminine aspect of the Divine will be united with the masculine and a new Eden will flourish. The Talmudic legend says that when the 23rd letter of the Hebrew Alphabet came into being that the world could be healed and all defects will disappear.

This missing letter also signifies that sound beyond all sounds. It represents the last word, the word beyond all words. When choosing this letter perhaps the best response is to just keep quiet according to “The Oracle of Kabbalah. I find this very interesting because when this energy is in motion, that is what you hear is the “Quiet”. This energy is beyond space, beyond time in the Presence of God.

Adolphina was given The missing 23rd Letter five years ago that represents the Letter of the Mothers.  This 23rd Letter is also a new Name of God, it has the numerical value of 1,000 and it is the new Energy of God that aligns the masculine side of God with the feminine side of God.  The symbol for YATUVAY is on the cover of Adolphina's new book, "YATUVAY ~ The Manual" - "How To Perform Miraculous Healing Through Energy Medicine". According to “The Oracle of Kabbalah” where this information was found and quoted from, this age would be the Messianic age. Adolphina was given this letter/symbol for YATUVAY in preparation of this time, this age.

2. Where did it come from- A new system of thought on how to heal the whole you occurred through the Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost who had graduated Adolphina from earthly education to further her education in the realm of esoteric healing and teaching. Adolphina had to pass many lessons, tests and initiations before being released to bring these methods to mankind. These methods have been revealed to Adolphina Shephard to assist mankind in their ascension process in time for the galactic convergence in 2012, and to help purge the Earth and mankind of their inequities through the Holy Trinity. YATUVAY is a culmination of Adolphina’s knowledge from her various studies and training in this life, former lives and higher knowledge given to her by the Trinity.

It is administered by The Father’s Universe, The Office of the Christ, The Office of Mother Mary, Ascended Masters, our Angels, Specialists and other Holy Beings. The YATUVAY Practitioner acts as a conduit from God to take place. YATUVAY originated through Adolphinas personal experiences in healing self and others of their spiritual inequities on a mind, body and spiritual basis which then grew into formal teaching methods. Adolphina formulated her early training in energy work through studying methods such as The-Laying-on-of-hands on a Christian basis as well as learning others modalities such as Frequency Balancing and on a larger scale, Feng Shui. Hundreds of aura photography sessions further enhanced her knowledge of the Electromagnetic Body since an Aura photograph is in many ways like an X-Ray of the components of our Electromagnetic Body. Additionally as Adolphina’s consciousness expanded, memories from past lives of being a healer were reborn from ancient mystery schools in Egypt, India, Greece and Israel.








What is a YATUVAY session like?

YATUVAY is a non-invasive technique and is administered through the laying-on-of-the hands. The practitioner may place their hands over the client clothing in various positions around the head, neck, torso, arms, hands, legs and feet of the receiver as well as utilize esoteric tools. During the session, the client will feel deep relaxation and a feeling of inner well being. Clients may experience the sensation of heat, cold or tingling sensation. A normal session will last anywhere from 30-60 minutes depending on when the client has reached his/her maximum comfort of healing for the day.



What will YATUVAY help?

This is a pure undiluted lineage, passed down directly to Adolphina. This is an extremely powerful healing to remove all energies from your being that are aligned in error and not in accordance with your Soul. It is a healing directly from Source to Source, completely pure.

 YATUVAY can many times restore better health or find resolution of even the most chronic diseases due to the help of The Father, and the training and initiations that Adolphina has received directly from the Creator. Some of the diseases that have found a complete cessation after YATUVAY Healing sessions are Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Challenges, Edema, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Herniated Discs, Mental Illness, Epilepsy, Depression, Hypertension, Edema, and Heart Challenges.Almost all manner of sickness or illness can be helped and see improvement.

While there can be no guarantee of the results of a YATUVAY session as each person is healed to the extent of their faith, you will be purged of inequities, blocks and negative energies. The body’s channels of life flow unblocked and cleansed. Breaks in grids, chakras, meridians and other esoteric body parts repaired from heart challenges, stroke, accidents, traumas, etc. Thus allowing the body to heal itself naturally. God gave us all an innate ability to heal ourselves given the right tools. This occurs on many levels of the body. At this point, the frequency of the person will rise, enabling better health and a rise in consciousness, enlightenment or ascension. It can and should work in compliment with other medical and health care modalities. Virtually everyone should come away from a treatment feeling better, more relaxed and more balanced in mind, body and spirit.






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