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Going Beyond the Physical

Adolphina has been visited not only by Mother Mary & Mary Magdelene but also Jesus Christ when she was just a girl of 13. Some of the mysteries are the secrets of the Holy Trinity and our Oursoul. To the Guardian Angels that watch over us from birth to death and the Spirit Guides whose job it is to guide us to our path and mission that we incarnate for. To the entities that exist side-by-side with us or should I say live off of us by feeding off of our electromanetic field and physical body. See real live photographs of a Guardian Angel, Spirit Guide and the entities that exist side-by-side with us that have revealed themselves to Adolphian. Join Adolphina as she shows us how we are comprised of not only ONE body as assumed by most of the world but to have SIX different components to our body. And how to heal all of those six bodies if your are suffering from illness, injuries or sickness of the soul.

You by reading this book are about to embark on the most awestruck journey into "Living With Spirit". You will have your faith restored and never have to fear death again through the unknown because you will know that there is more. That there is much more than you can ever imagine. That you are not just dead and gone. It is time for you to remember who you really are. That is a Spirit having an earthly experience not a human having a spiritual experience. Join us in this journey of "Living With Spirit". This is her first book in a series of ten books.

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